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Welcome to the SoldYEG guide to Selling Your Home! One of our passions is equipping our sellers and potential sellers with information to help them make the decisions that are right for them and their families. The inspiration for this blog series though, was you. We want you to have that same information and we want to empower YOU to make those well-educated decisions. No sales pitch here. Seriously. Our goal is for people to be empowered and inspired so that together we can be positive change in our world. If you can make a more informed decision and avoid some of the challenges that can come with a home sale, we will have done our job. (We’d love for you to let us know about your successes by the way!) So, over the next year or two we will be breaking down the process and looking at all the things you need to know to be successful. We can’t wait to help guide you in your journey!

Is it Time?

You’re thinking about selling your house, but how do you know if it’s the right time? The right market?

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Picking an Agent

How do you make sure you find the right fit to guide you through the process?

Getting the House Ready

How do you decide what work to do and not do? What decluttering and cleaning needs to happen?

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Going on the Market

What happens when your house listing goes up? What do you need to know?

Offers and Negotiation

How does the offer process and the negotiation work? What should you expect and what should you accept?

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The Condition Period

How does the “Condition Period” work and what is that anyway? What’s normal and what’s the point?

The Stuff You Pay For

What costs do you need to factor into your planning around selling the house?

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The “We Sold the House” Moment

Wow! It’s for real now! What happens next?

Packing and Waiting

Now it’s time to get packing. But what else happens between now and possession day?

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Possession Day

How does possession day work? What should you expect?

Your Next Adventure

Now you’re home-free. Literally. What’s in store for you now? And what happens after possession that you need to know?

Directions for Home Ownership