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What your coffee order tells us about your real estate tastes

If you’re anything like us real estate people, you love your coffee. You probably have your favourite haunts and your favourite brews, and think someone else’s favourite tastes like gutter water. But, can your coffee order tell us anything about your real estate preferences? Let’s pretend the answer is yes, and have a little fun.

Note: Some of this is based on a real study done on the personalities of coffee drinkers. The rest we just made up.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Despite this very imperfect coffee order, decaf drinkers tend to be perfectionists. The buying process will be very thorough, and this home buyer will always be in control. We wouldn’t even try to sell this person an old, run down home (unless that’s what they wanted – again, we’re just making this up for fun); they prefer modern and flawless. Given their propensity for (and dislike of) worrying, we would pay extra close attention to them during the closing of their new home (that they most likely paid a large down payment on). Something close to the river valley or their gym would be a great location – bonus points if something gets listed with a home gym already built. Decafs will be stressed through the process. But, when they finally settle into their new home, you better believe it will be perfect.


Black Coffee

Black coffee drinkers don’t like change, so finding a listing that isn’t too far from their current neighbourhood is ideal. A mature neighbourhood with well-established trees and a strong community is the best fit for this type. Classic architecture is ideal – nothing too modern or innovative; a simple bungalow or something with a wrap-around porch is perfect. They will talk straight, and they won’t want to play any games in negotiations. They know what they want and expect to get it. Once the perfect home is found, they probably won’t ever want to move again. Despite this, they are great sellers – everything will be well maintained and, though their neighbours will hate to see them go, a true community will be built for the next homeowner.

Lattes, or lots of cream/sugar

These are the natural socializers. Not only will they make the buying process fun for us real estate agents, but for their friends and family in their new home. Open concept designs and big backyards – these will be key features for this type as they hunt for their new home. With a strong desire to people-please, this type will need the firm hand of a good agent when they are negotiating so they don’t end up with a sinking house. But, with the right guidance, they will be a blast to work with as they search for the perfect home, with cheery coloured walls and a kitchen built for entertaining. Anyone who helps them find their new house shouldn’t be surprised to find themselves with an invite to the housewarming party, either.

Frozen/blended coffee drinks

This type will want to see every strange or interesting listing there is. With a tendency to take risks and maybe even get in over their heads, they will see the potential in fixer-uppers and the lower priced gems on the market. But, something trendy in a great neighbourhood – maybe a modern skinny house or condo – will also be popular with this type. They will be all about the neighbourhood and will make spontaneous decisions about real estate. They might do best taking a more steadfast decaf drinker with them when they look at properties. However, in the end, their enthusiasm and passion will win everyone over.


Instant Coffee

The much-maligned instant coffee drinker is actually the most laid back of all. They will be hard to get motivated to house-hunt; procrastination is an art form for this type. They will need some pushing to get going and do best with a very curated list of houses to look at. Traditional styles of homes are the best bets, as well as places with short possession dates (as they will most likely put off buying a house until they are desperate). This type won’t be picky, so proximity to work and basic needs will trump any kind of aesthetic preferences. Closing will be quick as they will have very few conditions. Once they move in, they will quickly make the home their own. They can tend towards messiness, so as sellers, they will probably need help to get the place show-ready. Luckily, they won’t be bothered by any critiques of their housekeeping!

So – how’d we do? Does your coffee choice say anything true about your real estate preferences?