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It’s finally nice outside again, but wow – that was a cold snap. And let’s face it – in this part of the world, it probably won’t be the last of the season. Which is why we think you need to think about getting prepared now for a snowcation.

Much like a staycation, where you live the vacation life in the comfort of your own home, a snowcation is a commitment to the art of not getting cold. When the weather plummets and the air hurts your face, that is nature’s way of telling you to stay home. But to truly enjoy a snowcation, you must prepare a little.

First, you must start exploring ways to stay home when the weather threatens to grievously injure you. Set aside work that isn’t urgent and can be done from home for those weeks when it is way too cold to venture out and ask your boss if you can work from home. With the availability of cloud storage and virtual spaces, you really have so many more options to avoid the office. Of course, you may have to venture out – perhaps you are lucky enough to show people their new dream home for instance, a thing best done in the real world – but as much as possible, planning to be productive from home can save you scrambling when your car doesn’t start in the next cold snap.

If you have a more flexible work or school schedule, then there is still preparations to be made. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, now is the time to chop wood. Stock the pantry and create a playlist on Netflix or Spotify. Create the pile of books you currently don’t have time to read. Now is the time to do the work of the metaphorical harvest, so when it comes time to hibernate, you are ready.

Lastly, the key to a true snowcation is warmth. You need to stock yourself with blankets and sweaters and slippers now, before it becomes miserable again. Get everything you need for some mulled wine and lattes. Gather ingredients to make cookies and comfort foods you love. Make several containers of soup and throw them in the freezer for when you need to heat yourself from the inside out. And stock up on bath bombs and bubble baths to make sure you are ready to live inside those comforting porcelain walls of heat.

We’re out of the latest deep freeze, but it won’t be the last. Sure, many of you are outdoorsy types whose commitment to activity leads you to brave the outdoors when the temperatures are at their lowest. But for those of us who would rather be comfortable and warm, being prepared for winter in Edmonton means being prepared to not leave our lovely homes.

What do you to get ready?