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Netflix shows to binge on rainy days

It’s summer in Edmonton, and that means everyone is outside. Whether it’s a patio or a festival; a spray park or the pool, we love to enjoy our short-lived time in the sun.

But, what about the days when the sun isn’t shining?

On a stormy Sunday, sometimes the only thing we really want to do is curl up on the sofa with Netflix, and lay in a state of unadulterated vegetation until the sun returns. Add a glass of your favourite wine, paired with some takeout, and you have yourself a blissful mini vacation.

Now, the questions stands in front of us. What to watch? With over 5,000 movies and TV shows available, it can be an overwhelming choice. So, we’ve done some of the picking for you, based on interests.


For Foodies:

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Samin Nosrat released her cookbook of the same name in 2018, and if you love nerding out on food, there is no better book. However, if you’d rather just watch her talk about her central premise – that creating good food comes down to those four elements – then give this four-part series a shot. Samin travels to Italy, Japan, Yucatan and California to explore what makes food great. The program is unpretentious and shows a pure love of food. She is a joy to watch with all of her child-like enthusiasm.


Brooklyn 99

It’s another show about American cops, but don’t let that fool you – this show hasn’t really been done before. It’s funny, socially conscious, has a talented and diverse cast, rich character development, and it bears repeating: it’s funny. Whether it’s your first watch, or your third, this series is definitely worth a rainy-day binge. The latest season is now available on Netflix, so you can get all caught up this summer.

The IT Crowd

This category is getting two recommends, because (simply because).

The IT Crowd is a cult-classic British sitcom from 2006-2010. It is ridiculous and silly, but also has enough of that dry British wit to get the more sophisticated watcher through. If you’ve ever pretended to understand sports, or the internet to get along in the office, or dated someone who looks like a magician, you just might love this series too.


Won’t you be My Neighbour

Although we had our own Mr. Rogers in Canada (and he had a tickle trunk and a dog named Finnegan!), this documentary about the incredibly sweet life of everyone’s favourite neighbour is a beautiful film. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood had a lasting influence on several generations of kids – and probably a few parents – and this movie helps relive the influence this unique man had on not only television, but the lives of those around him.


Always be my Maybe

This movie has been getting a lot of attention for one cameo in particular, but we won’t discuss that, lest we spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen the gushing social media posts.

Aside from the shall-not-be-named famous actor who is getting all of the attention for his small role in the film, it’s a really great movie. Romantic comedies seem to be a dying breed. There aren’t many films that capture that nexus of sweet, charming, and funny, while also avoiding the saccharin. This is a perfect movie to help pass a rainy afternoon.



John Mulaney’s New in Town

Not everyone loves stand-up. But, for those who do, this is one of those crème-de-la-crème specials that doesn’t get old. John Mulaney has recently staked out one of the top places in the stand-up world, but his first special, there are three on Netflix that are all wonderful, New in Town is the gem of the heap. Stand up can often be unnecessarily mean, or rely too much on shock value. John Mulaney is different. He is self-deprecating, and incredibly silly. If you can resist laughing at his impression of Ice-T, you are a much more serious person than I.


British Cop Drama/Mystery:


Let’s face it – the British just do TV better. And, the TV they do the best is the cop drama. Perhaps you’ve already seen Sherlock or Luther. Perhaps you are totally new to the genre. Whichever the case, Broadchurch is a must-see. David Tennant and Olivia Colman are two of the finest British actors working today, and they are at their finest together in this mystery/cop show. All three seasons are available on Netflix, so expect to still be engrossed in this whodunit series well into the sunny days.


Teenage Cringe-it’s-too-real Coming-of-Age:

Eighth Grade

If you like slower, character-driven movies with a coming-of-age story, Eighth Grade is a great pick. But a warning – if you have ever been a young girl in the eighth grade, you are going to cringe at how real the awkwardness of adolescence is portrayed. This is a funny and sweet movie for those that would like to relive the tremendous angst that is teenage life.


Sci-Fi Thriller:

I am Mother

I don’t think this movie will make anybody’s top 10 lists, but if you are into apocalyptic thrills, then this movie might be up your alley. While not the most relatable movie on this list, unless you too have a robot mother, it’s entertaining, interesting, and compelling enough to get you through a rainstorm.


Silly Teen Fun (with a dark underbelly):

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Maybe you’ve hung on with the ever-growing ridiculousness that is Riverdale. Or, maybe it turned you off of the teen comic book show forever. In either case, there is a better option. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a little dark, very funny, completely campy and absurd, yet wildly entertaining. If you seeking a mindless veg session, this fun adventure with Sabrina the Teenage Witch is perfect.


Art-House with Subtitles:


If you are really into films, then this dark Korean film might interest you. But, I must warn you – this isn’t for the casual viewer. It is visually stunning, and the ending will probably haunt you for a long while after, even if you don’t love the film in its esoteric entirety. A caveat-filled recommendation for the cinephiles out there.

What do you think? What Netflix shows are getting your rainy day attention right now?