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How to throw the best backyard barbecue

It’s finally that special time in Edmonton when the weather is warm, and your outdoor living space is begging to be used. The longer days make socializing more appealing, and the heat makes cooking inside sound unbearable. It’s officially barbecue season! Which means it’s time to throw an unforgettable backyard barbecue. Here are some ideas to make yours the highlight of the grillin’ and chillin’ season.


The invites

You want to make sure that you consider the mix of people that you invite. A balance of people who know each other, and people excited to meet new friends can make for an especially fun party – you want things comfortable, but not cliquey. Make sure you tell people what to bring, if anything, and ask about any food allergies. Let people know well in advance if this is an adult-only event, or if kids are welcome.


The set up

The flow of a party is one of the most important things to consider. Make sure there is ample seating, but also ample tabletops around, so that people can mingle with their food and drinks. Set up a drink station with plenty of ice, and a large batch of a signature cocktail. And, don’t forget the teetotalers!

With our long summer days, you don’t have to think too much about lighting unless you are planning to go well into the evening. However, you should consider your playlist, as well as the volume. You want the music to be at just the right volume so that people can enjoy it, but also hear the conversation. Prepare for things like mosquitos, and shady spots for a reprieve from the sun as well.


The food

Think about where the barbecue is in relationship to where everyone else will be – you don’t want the poor cook to miss out on all the fun!

While the meat is usually the main event at a barbecue, it’s important, especially in the heat, to have some refreshing options as well. Foods that can sit without wilting or the need for refrigeration are best. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – watermelon is a fantastic option to round out a heavy meal.

A backyard barbecue is also a great time to step up your game with a signature, homemade barbecue sauce. Or, consider a custom brand to sear your initials into the meat. If you really want to impress, you could even send your guests home with a bottle of your barbecue sauce (although sending them home with full belly’s is more than enough).

Don’t forget about the planet, either. There is compostable, or reusable plastic dishware that you can use without creating more waste.

Barbecue season is short, and it is precious. What are you planning on doing to take advantage of it?


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