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How to make your house look its best for winter showings

Winter can be a great time to sell your house – less competition, more urgency, and less families away on holidays. With a few tips and tricks to showcase your home in the colder months, now can be a great time to sell.


Clear a Path

This isn’t the time to get lazy about shoveling your walk. Even if there is only a light dusting, it can easily become slippery and needs to be removed. Chip away any ice that forms, and make sure it looks clean and safe. Clear a spot right to the road from your sidewalk so potential buyers aren’t forced to walk through snowbanks. Clear snow and ice from decks as well. A welcome mat that visitors can use to wipe their feet is also a nice touch.

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Days are shorter and everything gets a bit darker in winter, which is why it’s important to have good lighting when you are showing your house, especially on a late evening. You may not need to replace lighting – they might just need cleaning, a fresh LED bulb, or a positional adjustment to a fixture. Adding a few lamps to cozy up the space also makes a huge difference. During the day, open your drapes and blinds and let that winter sunshine in.


Clean and Organize

Sure, “winter cleaning” doesn’t have quite the same ring as “spring cleaning,” but it’s just as important. Be especially scrupulous with entryways, which can be the first to show winter messiness. And, even though it is a miserable time to clean outside windows, you really should. A sparkling window can make your whole house shine. Just remember – you need to make sure the cleaning solution doesn’t freeze on the windows. There are some great tips here: https://wasatchshutter.com/useful-tips-for-washing-outdoor-windows-when-its-cold/.

Besides giving the abode a good scrub, you want to make sure everything is neat and organized. Even if this means paying for temporary off-site storage, your home should look inviting and serene.

Decorate for the Season

This doesn’t have to mean Christmas decorating. In fact, too many singing Santa’s and jingling bells can be overwhelming. But cozying up the space for winter with cuddly blankets, some inviting throw rugs, and even some mulling cider can make a huge difference to someone looking for a new space before the new year. If you have a fireplace, this is the time to showcase it – give it a clean and draw attention to any mantels so that house hunters can imagine themselves warming up next to the crackling fire. Create a mood that makes people feel instantly cozier.

Showcase Outdoor Rooms

If you have outdoor rooms, even ones you don’t use a lot in the winter, you still want to showcase their functionality. Make sure they are furnished, so that potential buyers can see their value. Add some throws and pillows, and try to keep them warm and inviting.


Make it Warm

If it’s cold outside, make sure it’s warm enough inside. This is especially important for unoccupied spaces that you want to save money heating. Make sure when people come to check out your home that the thermostat is up, and the furnace has had plenty of time to heat your house. If you have a fireplace or in-floor heating, this is the time to turn them on.