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Getting your house ready for winter

I’m sorry to tell you, Edmonton pals, but winter is coming. We still have a little fall left, here and there, in order to get ready to (ideally) never leave the house again. But, that takes a little more than stocking up on your favourite books and wine, unfortunately – it’s time to winterize your house and yard.

Put away the lawn and deck furniture

Unless you have an outdoor space that’s liveable all year long (lucky you!), you’ll need to cover and store everything that will be exposed to the elements. Maybe you’ll BBQ in the winter, but you have to make sure it’s covered, oiled and ready to survive the low temperatures and moisture. Make sure your outdoor cushions are stored somewhere that they won’t become mouse houses and keep your metal furniture somewhere dry, so it won’t rust or peel. Say goodbye for another year to your favourite hammock; bundle up your gnome friends. Make sure everything looks just as good next spring as it did this summer.

Cut down vegetation

Especially if you have a perennial that struggled with disease or pests, now is the time to give plants a good trim. Most can be cut down somewhere between 2-6 inches from the ground, depending on what kind of plant it is. You can also surround more delicate plants with mulch to ensure they survive the harsh cold. Cutting back things like Hasta leaves helps prevent slugs next year. You can also trim back any plants with blackened or dead foliage that don’t add to your winter landscaping. But remember – plant material can be composted and doesn’t have to go into garbage bags. You can also give your lawn a final mow, but it should be about 2.5 inches long for the winter.


Clear your eaves troughs

This isn’t pleasant work, but hopefully there’s a kid on your block looking to buy some new sneakers, because keeping your eaves clear from leaves and debris will help in preventing ice damning. Your eaves perform a really important job in keeping water away from your foundation, and in freeze and thaw season, that’s extra vital.

Have your furnace inspected

Without fail, if your furnace is going to die, it is going to happen on the first 40 below day of the winter. Prevention is truly key when it comes to heating – better to make sure everything is working now than when your feet are two solid blocks of ice. And, while you’re at it, change your filters and reverse your overhead fans so they spin clockwise and push warm air down.

Stock up on wine and good books

Winter isn’t just a time for your patio furniture and your plants to go into hibernation! Get your winter supplies – firewood, blankets, books, snacks, drinks – ready now so you can stay cozy on those days when leaving the house sounds like the very worst idea.

Are you team PSL? Or, is it a hard pass for you? Let us know!