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Five Homeowner Resolutions for 2020

It’s officially 2020 – a brand new year, a brand-new decade. And instead of doing the same old resolutions that you make every year – and feel bad about come Valentine’s Day – we think it’s time to consider some homeowner resolutions to make this year even better than 2019.

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Instead of Losing Weight, Lose the Clutter

Instead of focusing on that same old weight loss goal this year, why not focus instead on losing all the piles of papers, stuffed closets, and disorganized junk drawers?

Decide to clean out one room every week. By the time February rolls around, you will discover you feel a lot lighter, without ever going on a diet!

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Instead of Expending Energy in the Gym, get an Energy Audit

Of course, becoming more active is important. But, do you know what else is important? Saving some money that you are currently spending on utilities because of energy waste!

With the money you save by finding air leaks or gaps in insulation, you can go to the gym. Or you can sweat in Maui, too.


Instead of Eating Better, Entertain Better

Freshening up your house can be a lot more satisfying than a salad every day, but just as likely to make you feel good. Of course, you can do that remodel you’ve been thinking of, but you don’t have to make it a huge expense. Simply picking a new accent colour, buying a few throw pillows, adding some fresh flowers, and framing some new pictures can brighten up your place and make 2020 the year you finally become the party house.

Of course, living healthy is a fantastic goal, and we would never discourage anyone from trying. But maybe this year is the year to take some pressure off and focus on something different – making your house tidier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.