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Enjoying Winter While We Have It

Everywhere I look, friends out west or down south are already posting pictures of the first spring blooms. But here in Edmonton, we are still several weeks away from any real signs of spring. At this point, it can start to feel like winter is never going to end. However, instead of lamenting how many days we still have of shoveling and shivering, let’s focus on the wonderful winter joys we still get to enjoy.


1. Mulled things

Many people associate mulling with Christmas, but truly, this is one of the joys of winter. Wine is lovely at any time, but heat it up and add some spices? Suddenly it becomes a tonic for the winter-weary soul. Mulling not only makes your home smell amazing, but it creates a full body warmth that not even a cold, snowy February day can take away.


2. Fireplaces

There is something so satisfying about a fireplace. It truly is a feast for the senses – the crackling, the smell of burning wood, the feel of the warmth. Cozying up with a book and a mulled something by a fire is truly one of life’s great winter pleasures. If you don’t have one in your place, there are wonderful places, like the Little Brick Café to get your fireplace fix.


3. Guilt-free Laziness

There is something about the cold winter that seems to give people permission to rest more and embrace their inner introvert. Because our summers are so short, we often feel pressure to go out and enjoy the weather, even when all we want to do is lay around in our pajamas and watch Netflix. Winter gives us an excuse to stay inside and hibernate. And although we don’t want that to last forever, it’s wonderful to embrace while it’s here.

There are plenty of reasons to love winter – Edmonton has fantastic cold weather festivals, for one. And while we long for spring, we may as well enjoy the cold while we have it!