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Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Today is Christmas Eve. And while you probably have plenty of Christmas Eve traditions of your own, it’s never too late to adapt some new ones. Here are four great (and weird) ideas from around the world.


Dress up like Krampus and scare some children

In Austria, this terrifying demon wanders the streets scaring children and putting the naughty ones in a sack. All you need is a Krampus mask and some chains and bells to clatter (and, of course, your Naughty Sack) and you have yourself a timeless holiday tradition!


Fill your kid’s shoes with rotten potatoes

Sure, you can go the traditional route and fill stockings with fun treats. But if you want to mix things up this year, try doing what the Yule Lad trolls do in Iceland and put rotting potatoes in the shoes of naughty children. Even if they haven’t been naughty, this seems like a pretty funny prank.


Hide your broom

If you aren’t the mischievous, sack-carrying type, you can do what the Norwegian do and hide your broom on Christmas Eve. For some reason, it’s thought that witches come out to wreak havoc on Christmas Eve and want to steal your broom for their night rides. Find a secure spot in your house so they can’t get up to any nonsense in your house.


Go to church in roller skates

This might sound especially odd, but if you are from Caracas, Venezuela, it is so normal to roller skate to an early service on Christmas Eve. They shut the roads down to accommodate this tradition.

Thus far, it hasn’t caught on in Edmonton, but you could be the one to start this holiday custom!

What are you holiday traditions? Let us know!