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4 Ways to make your house smell like Christmas

People have all kinds of rules about when it’s appropriate and inappropriate to decorate for Christmas. But, by now, we’re pretty sure all of those that love the holiday are living in a wonderland. In other words: if you are the type to decorate, chances are you’ve decorated by now. But maybe it still feels like something is missing?

Perhaps you missed the most important element to evoke a sense of the sentimentality and memories that is inherent to this season: smell. Let’s talk about 4 ways to make your house smell like Christmas.



The obvious classic is the smell of a Christmas tree, whether it is pine, spruce or fir. But so many of us now embrace the reliable fullness of a fake tree that we miss out on that iconic smell. Not to worry – you can have the smell of evergreens, even if you don’t have a real tree! Grab some essential oil from your favourite kind of tree and drop a few drops on your furnace filter, so the smell moves throughout the space. Use real pine boughs to create centerpieces or even wreaths. Buy some scented candles or a diffuser, and inhale deeply to transport yourself back to your childhood.


Mulling Spices

Not only do mulling spices make cider and wine even more delicious (I know – mulled wine is just improving on perfection!), but also they smell incredible. A simmering pot of mulling spices going throughout the day is a great way to make your whole house smell like Christmas cheer, and get a rosy glow when you finally consume it. You can buy prepared mulling spices, or make your own using this recipe.


Oranges and Cloves

The smell of oranges and cloves is fresh, clean, and evocative of traditional Christmases past. If you want the authentic pomander ball aroma, you just have to stick cloves into the skin of a real orange, and then arrange them as decorations or centerpieces to release their smell. If you can’t be bothered to craft, then a candle or essential oil blend will also do the trick. Or you can take orange peels and cloves (and maybe a cinnamon stick) and have them simmering on the stove throughout the day to impart their fragrance.



The quintessential Christmas smell – gingerbread. Ideally, we would all live in a world where fresh gingerbread cookies were always coming out of the oven. Alas, that isn’t always possible. But try replacing your usual bathroom hand soap with some gingerbread scented soap for the holidays. Find some scented oils or candles and spread them throughout the space. And, every once in a while, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, make some actual gingerbread. Trust me – the smell is best left to the true experts: the hardworking gingerbread men and women of the world.