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Brighten up your home during winter

Things are getting darker in our cold northern world, which can make it difficult to maintain our moods, our motivations, and our sunny dispositions. Your environment has a huge effect on how you present to the world. When your environment is cold and dark, sometimes you need to do a little redecorating to bring back the sunny warmth in your home and in your outlook.

Add colour

There isn’t much for colour in nature when winter hits Edmonton. The shimmery white is beautiful, but sometimes, you need some colour to really make you feel alive. Add splashes of colour in the form of cozy blankets and pillows around your house to brighten the space. Jars or bowls of brightly coloured flowers or fruits literally brings life into your home when it otherwise feels completely dead outside (but remember to get rid of them when they start to die – you don’t need yet another reminder of how lifeless nature is right now!)


Play cheerier music

Winter can be a great time to lean into the quiet and simply hibernate. But, if you need to get in touch with a peppier, more motivated side to your personality, music can help. Upbeat music can immediately change your mood and even make you more creative and better at problem solving. It can even help reduce pain!

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Update your lighting

Using LED light bulbs is not only great for energy conservation and lighting up your space, but they may also help with lifting your mood! Better lighting is connected to improved sleep and energy, and even performance. Great lighting will make a space instantly look brighter and cheerier, and the right light can change your outlook to be just as bright. If Seasonal Affective Disorder is something you experience when the days get shorter, you can also look into getting a SAD light therapy lamp to help you feel (and sleep) better.

Use the right smells

Smell is an incredibly powerful way to change your mood and alter a space. We tend towards warmer, softer scents in the winter, but if you want to brighten things up, try something light and citrusy. Whether you like lemon or grapefruit or orange, these bright scents can actually help increase mental stimulation when you are feeling the winter blahs. Rosemary and peppermint are also great to help wake up the senses and your brain. If you prefer mellower smells in your home, you can always relegate these stimulating scents to your bathroom to help wake up a sense of motivation and purpose that often goes to sleep in the winter.

Not everyone wants to liven up their homes in the winter. Sometimes, we prefer to change our lifestyle according to the season and make winter a time of quiet reflection. But, for those times when you really need a boost, consider brightening your space. It can do wonders for your mood and for the (sometimes) oppressive feel of darkness.