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5 things to pumpkin spice that aren’t lattes

It’s that time of year again where everything is pumpkin spiced. Whether it’s people raving about the ubiquitous drink, or people mocking those that rave about the ubiquitous drink, pumpkin spiced lattes are everywhere. But, have you ever stopped to consider the many other amazing things out there that deserve to be pumpkin-spiced?


Your wardrobe

Given how much of our Edmonton life is spent in the cold, we have to take every opportunity to enjoy it as much as possible. And fall, whatever its faults, means comfy sweater time. This is truly a glorious thing. Nothing makes you look more cozy and warm and autumn-y than the browns and oranges of pumpkin spiced lattes. And, don’t stop at dazzling them visually – dab on a little spicy scent to make everyone like you just a little bit more.

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Your home

Pumpkin spiced candles. Warm fall coloured throw pillows and blankets. A crackling fire. Forgo the lines at Starbucks and bring the spirit of the PSL into your home.


Your breakfast

If you’re a fan of oatmeal/overnight oats, then add some pumpkin spiced joy to your mush and pretend you are on vacation at some luxurious Swiss spa. I don’t know why the spa is Swiss. It just is. Go with it.


Your wine

Why should caffeine have the market cornered on pumpkin spice when you can warm up your wine instead? Make up a pitcher of pumpkin spiced sangria and I promise – you’ll have an even better afternoon than everyone drinking a latte.


Your snacks

Okay, this is a bridge too far. Pumpkin spiced hummus? Pumpkin spiced Pringles?

We should have stopped at four.

Are you team PSL? Or, is it a hard pass for you? Let us know!