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5 Solid Reasons to Love Fall

Even though the weather is slightly nicer than it was in the summer, the leaves are changing, and the nights are getting cooler. Fall is coming. As a city, we’d probably be more ready for it if we actually had summer. But, seasons don’t change by committee and, like it or not, autumn is here. To be honest, we think you should like it. Fall is fantastic.

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No Bugs

It might take a change in the weather, but we have finally defeated the mosquito. We get to go out on a sunny day, relax in the hammock, and enjoy that incredible earthy-fresh smell instead of the cloud of Off Bug Spray we lived in throughout the summer. No lying in bed, listening to a wayward mosquito buzzing around the room, knowing you are going to wake up to an itchy welt and slightly less blood. No smacking yourself senseless as you BBQ. I, for one, won’t miss you; you flying syringes of misery.

No Mowing

With all of the precipitation we have seen this summer, every day was spent either waiting for the rain to stop so we could cut down the jungle forming in our yard, or mowing. Paired with those mosquitos we just mentioned, mowing during a rainy summer is especially challenging. But, the grass has mostly stopped growing now, and we are free to throw off the shackles of our electric mowers.



Gardening is fulfilling for some of us, and merely functional for others. Either way, it involves a lot of (almost literally) backbreaking labour – weeding, hoeing and removing garden slugs and all that. But, in the fall, we get to reap the final rewards of our hard work. Potatoes and carrots and squash and beets and tomatoes – oh my! The bounty makes all of that work so worth it.

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Is there anything more cozy than putting on a fuzzy sweater? Whether you are a soft cashmere or a scratchy wool type, there is something so embracing about a fall sweater. You aren’t yet bundled up within an inch of your life, but you get to put a few more layers on than even our pathetic summer would allow. And, don’t even get me started on boots…



This wouldn’t be a fall list without mentioning everyone’s favourite (either to drink or to mock): the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Regardless how you feel about the near ubiquitous PSL, the season of toasty drinks has begun, and we are here for it. Either fresh from your favourite coffee shop, or made at home with a nip of something extra, spicy and warm drinks are a treat we have sorely missed.

Tell us! What are you celebrating this fall?