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Charity Spotlight: Kaleo Collective

Being a real estate agent is about much more than helping people buy and sell homes. It’s about engaging in and helping to build a community. In order to thrive, families and communities need our ongoing support, which is why Sold Edmonton is putting its Charity Spotlight on Kaleo Collective for the month of January.

Kaleo Collective is a local organization that focuses on supporting single mothers. It was started by Layna Hayley who, at the age of 16, found herself in the position of raising a child on her own. She understands firsthand the challenges that single mothers face and set up her organization to help other single mothers build a network of support. Kaleo Collective is a registered charity that is driven by grants, private donors and event sponsors.

Although it is a faith-based organization, Kaleo welcomes mothers of any and all religion, creed, age, colour, and orientation. They offer courses on important skills like budgeting, support groups to build community with other single moms, and help finding work. They even provide childcare upon request, to help ensure every mom has a chance to utilize their services! And, although their resources are offered at a very affordable price, they won’t turn a mother away for lack of funds. Kaleo Collective prides itself on supporting single mothers to help them reach their full potential, which in turn empowers their children.

We look forward to shining the spotlight on this unique and necessary organization, and the wonderful work that Layna is doing in our community. If you, or someone you know, is a single mother looking for support, we encourage you to share the wonderful work that Kaleo Collective does in our community with them.

We will be sharing much more about Kaleo Collective over the next few months through our social media channels, so be sure to stay tuned.