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Charity Spotlight: e4c

How can we not shine a little spotlight on an organization whose mission is to eliminate poverty?

e4c is a charitable organization that has been helping the most vulnerable among us to eliminate poverty for almost fifty years. They don’t work with any one population, but everyone who struggles with providing for their (or their family’s) basic needs; whether that be new immigrants or the families that have been struggling with poverty for generations within Canada. With a focus on early learning, food insecurity and housing, and developing skills and a strong community, e4c hopes to break the cycle of poverty for these individuals and families and help to strengthen their future and their community.

Whether you want to attend a gala where your four-course meal is prepared by young chefs or climb Everest for a School Nutrition Program, e4c has fun and imaginative ways for you to contribute to the cause. You can also volunteer or donate to help bring the gift of dignity and compassion to everyone in our community. And, of course, if you need help, e4c is there to support you.

Eliminating poverty sounds like an extraordinary goal, and it is. But, it is possible. Amazing organizations like e4c make it so. They just need our help to do it.