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Who are we?

SOLD YEG is a boutique real estate group specializing in exceptional care of our clients. Through education, added value, above standard care and our passion for giving back to our community we are in the top 5% of Realtors® in Edmonton! We walk through the process from start to finish with our clients in order to give them the most amazing experience possible.

What sets us apart? A combined 41 years of real estate experience, our client care procedures and our up to date professional marketing, allow us to sell your home faster and get you more money in the process! Want to know how?

Give us a call at (780)803-9908.

Sold YEG Real Estate Team

Juli Wenger

Boss-Lady/Save the World Complex

Interesting Facts:

  • Wine Snob & Foodie
  • Trained singer & music lover
  • Born & raised prairie girl (she is a total goofball)
  • Personal Development Junkie – Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Darren Hardy & Simon Sinek
  • Mom of a stubborn baby boy, firecraker 4 year old, & smart-as-a-whip 14 year old girl
  • Can’t say no to a good charity volunteer opportunity
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Mark Radloff

Helper of The People

Interesting Facts:

  • Father of 3 full-of-energy kids and husband to wife of 10 years
  • Has lived in Vancouver, Prince George, Whitehorse, Kamloops, Spruce Grove, and Edmonton
  • Lover of all sports & all travel
  • Has driven from the Mexican Baja to Northern Alaska
  • Avid snowboarder, weekend Duff Golfer, amateur tennis player, and mountain biker
  • Has been a realtor since 2010
Sold YEG Real Estate Team

Lauren Pickett

The Glue that Holds the Ship Together

Interesting Facts:

  • Married to her high school sweetheart
  • Superhero-ish mom to two headstrong boys
  • Has a bassist dad who is a legend in the Edmonton music scene
  • Is a borderline shopaholic
  • Talk to her before she’s had her morning coffee at your own risk
  • Hates Mondays and Monday-Tuesdays
Sold YEG Real Estate Stacey


Behind the Scenes Doer of all the Things

Interesting Facts:

  • 2017 CHBA Edmonton Rookie of the Year
  • Single mom to an amazingly awesome boy
  • Fueled by Coffee & Wine
  • Bowls in the Winter & Golfs all Summer
  • Loves a good competition & not afraid to take on a challenge
  • Believes that what you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.

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